Review: Rocket League: XB1

This experimental combination is successful in making one of the most addictive of games out there.

Driving physics and soccer are two things that nobody ever thought would go well together. Rocket League surprisingly combines both and provides an addictive experience. Unlike other platforms, however, Rocket League players are limited to playing with others on the same platform. But that doesn’t stop Rocket League on Xbox One from being a fun title to have in anyone’s gaming collection.

Addictively fresh and good 

One of the best parts of Rocket League is the responsive controls. Controlling my car felt just as good as controlling a human being on the soccer field. Driving around the various arenas during matches is as simple as it is fun. There’s something intoxicating about driving a car up an arena side ramp and boosting straight down towards a giant soccer ball while trying to score a goal. The constant change of directions while chasing the soccer ball is never a hassle due to the solid handling of the cars in game.

The presentation of everything is great too. Rocket League on Xbox One looks fantastic, both on the field and in the background areas of arenas. There isn’t a lot of activity in the background outside of bright lights and particle effects, but they look pretty good and keep the attention focused on the action inside the field. The cars you drive can be customized to look unique through a large selection of accessories, body kits, colors, and particle effects. There is some additional downloadable content to add more variety, some of which are connected to various promotions for movies, like Back to the Future and Batman v Superman. But even if you never download any new content, there are plenty of options to make the car you drive stand out from other players.

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Rocketing online 

The one big difference in the Xbox One version of Rocket League is the limit on who players are matched up with online. There is no cross-platform support between Xbox One players and PC players. This might make finding matches more difficult for some, but there isn’t a deficit of players to be matched up with over Xbox Live. No matter what style of game I set my online search to, I was always placed into a room within a short amount of time.

The online stability of matches for Rocket League on Xbox One is near flawless. I hardly ever experienced matches with lag or delay while playing. Playing games with other humans is vastly different than matches against the computer A.I because of the ebb and flow of matches being different with human opponents. I had to coordinate and plan with teammates over voice chat online more often, otherwise our team would be down more than a few goals in a match. Against computer opponents you still need to be smart about how you play and work the soccer ball on the field, but teamwork is much more important online.

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The Final Say-so

Rocket League definitely brings something fresh and new to the sports genre. The results of this experimental combination is successful in making one of the most addictive of games out there. It may have a larger pool of gamers to play with online on other platforms, but the Xbox One version of Rocket League is still just as fun. If you want to play something unique and different than what is out now, you may want to consider adding it to your Xbox One game collection.

SCORE: 8.5 / 10 – Great!


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