Super Hydorah iOS review

Mobile games typically get a bad rep. And while most of the criticism is generally geared towards poor control quality, these objections are often warranted. Super Hydorah, developed by Abylight Studios, originally launched on home consoles and has now it has made its way to iOS devices. But how does it hold up? Very well, in fact.

Super Hydorah has a very basic, yet throw away, story.

Super Hydorah has a very basic, yet throw away, story. Knowing this, however, doesn’t ruin the gameplay. Actually, games like Super Hydorah, homages to classic space shooters like R-Type, do not require an extensive story. So, sticking to the “save the earth before the enemy destroys it” narrative is good enough. Besides, what’s more important is how the game plays on such a tiny device.

At first, controlling Super Hydorah on an iOS device can be a little daunting, especially if you’re not used to playing touch controlled games. Thankfully, once you get the hang of it, playing Super Hydorah comes naturally and becomes quite intuitive over the course of a few minutes. Unlike other games which give you the opportunity to fire at your own leisure, your ship automatically fires on its own, which is great because it’s one less thing for you to worry about. Although there is certainly much more to the game than flying up and down, Super Hydorah lets you soar in multiple directions, giving you a sense of freedom in controlling your ship. But doing so can get a little tricky at times.

To keep things interesting, Super Hydorah lets you fly around and through obstacles in most stages.”

To keep things interesting, Super Hydorah lets you fly around and through obstacles in most stages. This, of course, brings a nice change of pace and gives you much more to do than tagging your enemies with gunfire. But flying through tiny spaces can be a little difficult to do at times, especially when you’re trying to race around a particular enemy that is firing tons of projectiles at you. These frantic encounters, which happen not so often, typically result in bumping your ship into walls and taking a small amount of damage. These instances aren’t really a pain to deal with, but they exist.

Destroying enemy space crafts isn’t a boring thing to do in Super Hydorah. That’s because it gives you a wide range of weapons to use during your adventure. For instance, you can begin your flight with a basic gun, but later down the road you can upgrade your skills and abilities to bigger and better things, like bombs, lazers, twin bombs, or missiles. You can even gain the opportunity to use stealth as well. Although these weapons and abilities generally do the same amount of damage, or so it would seem, it’s really enough to keep you invested and interested in playing the game and finishing it as well.

Although Super Hydorah can be completed in roughly an hour or so, it’s still very entertaining to play. I still tend to fire it up from time to time, and I mostly spend my time replaying previously completed levels but with new weaponry. Although the story is a complete and total pass, the touch controls and level of weapon customization will hook you in for the ride. This homage to classic space shooters is very well done, especially for a mobile game, which is a brilliant feat on its own, and it shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re interested in a quick and easy game to play on your mobile device.

Super Hydorah was reviewed on an iOS device using review copy provided by Abylight Studios


Super Hydorah



  • CRT filter is awesome
  • Engaging gameplay


  • Touch controls can be tricky