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The State of Games is a small team of characters from across the United States with a variety of backgrounds. We’re just normal people with a love for video game franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Hitman, and Rocket League. We’re average day-to-day folks with the knowledge of reporting and writing, with a passion for the things that help us get through our daily lives.

We’re unpaid volunteers with home mortgages, student loans, homework, spouses, full-time jobs and so much more. We communicate almost every day and have a great time chatting with one another across social media platforms. Looking for equally interesting people to join our staff is something we do because we want to work with more awesome, diverse characters, with the same backgrounds as ours. If that’s you, and you want to join our staff, let us know:

We’re a team. We’re friends. We’re colleagues. We’re there when things happen. We’re The State of Games.

Peter Lopez : Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Peter Lopez

Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Peter Lopez is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of VG Newswire. More of his work can be found via IGN and Pure Nintendo Magazine.

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David Quigley : Co-Founder / Managing Editor

David Quigley

Co-Founder / Managing Editor

Co-Founder / Managing Editor

Streaming on

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Dawson Helton : Associate Editor

Dawson Helton

Associate Editor

Patrick Okolo : Staff Writer

Patrick Okolo

Staff Writer

Nate Finston : Staff Writer

Nate Finston

Staff Writer

I play video games and think I'm hilarious. Just a pop culture enthusiast trying to bring balance to the Internet.

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Jakejames Lugo : Game Critic

Jakejames Lugo

Game Critic

Video game critic and journalist whose freelance work can be found at places like IGN.

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