Monster Hunter X coming to North America as Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter X is coming to North America, but with a new name.

The latest installment in the Monster Hunter series for Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter X, has been in the wild for quite some time in Japan. Now, the video game is set to release in North America, but it will bare a new name, Monster Hunter Generations.

This Nintendo 3DS title is scheduled to release this Summer and will grant users with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save data, special in-game items to be used in the new installment.

Nintendo has also announced that Monster Hunter Generations is set to collaborate with another beloved Nintendo franchise, Fire Emblem, as Monster Hunters will be able to gain access to the weapons and armor of Marth.

For those who have yet to play Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Nintendo has discounted the title via the Nintendo eShop to $19.99 (USD).

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