Siege’s Mad House Event Is A Subtle But Crucial Way Of Keeping The Shooter Fresh

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is a great game that has been going strong for three years now. Even though it is a shooter that makes every match unique with its procedural destruction and operator variety, Siege can become stale due to its lack of game modes.

When Ubisoft announced Operation Chimera, with its co-op mode Outbreak, fans where ecstatic. Unfortunately, that ecstasy turned into disappointment with the realization that Outbreak would only last for a month.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft is diving into their creative pool and have released the Mad House Event. This Halloween-themed event transforms House into a Mad House with flickering lights, ominous footsteps, and demonic voicemails. Like Outbreak, players can earn exclusive packs that contain skins for certain operators.

I played a few matches in the Mad House and was actually impressed with what I experienced. Initially, outside of House isn’t that impressive.  The sky is darker, there are jack-o-lanterns scattered around the map and some party city-like cobwebs on doors and windows. Yet, once you step into the Mad House there some ambient sounds that really make a tense game like Siege even tenser.

The pool room has a phone that rings and goes into voicemail where a demonic incantation can be heard echoing from the speaker. The kid’s bedroom has a weird tune that plays constantly that makes you not want to stay in it. And if you listen closely you can hear loud, monstrous footsteps that can distract you because you mistook it for an enemy operator.

It isn’t a major update/event but it does keep Siege interesting and if Ubisoft can continue to do more limited timed events like Outbreak and now Mad House then there might not necessarily be a need for a new mode.

The Mad House Event is available now till October 31st on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.