New Minecraft: Story Mode skin pack available now for Minecraft

Minecraft gets Story Mode skin pack which is available now.

Title: Minecraft
Release Date: Available Now
Platforms: Multiplatform

Earlier this morning, Microsoft submitted a press release for Minecraft which has included a TL;DR (too long; don’t read) section. The information below includes that portion and reads as followed:

What’s happening? The Minecraft: Story Mode Skin Pack is out now for ALL CONSOLE, POCKET AND WINDOWS 10 MINECRAFT EDITIONS!

How much does it cost? Free for most platforms until April 12; $2.99 after

When is it happening? Right now!

Why is this awesome? It’s the first time players across these platforms can get a skin pack at once! Plus you can play as Jesse, Petra, Axel or any of the other adventurous Minecraft: Story Mode characters (adventurous attitude not required).

Minecraft: Story Mode Skin Pack Out Now!

Source: Microsoft Press Release

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